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About Sparkx Entertainment

Sparkx Entertainment has been entertaining collectively for over 10 years. We knew years ago that performing Рon and off stage Рis what we were born to do! Entertainers since birth, Levi and Justin have always want to put on a good show. Whether it be a charity event, family party, or a couple’s special wedding day Рthey are prepared to show everyone a good time. Sparkx Entertainment, originating in York, Pennsylvania, provides a wide range of entertainment resources including: DJ services, videography, photography, and karaoke.

Our Team


Justin Custis – Co-Owner

Co-founder of Sparkx Entertainment, Justin has been writing and producing music for over eight years. Justin DJs, films, and edits music and videos for all of our clients. He has a strong passion for motivating any crowd in any situation. Eager to learn something new every day, Justin always has something new to bring to the team.


Levi McCurdy – Co-Owner

Co-founder of Sparkx Entertainment, Levi has been performing magic for over nine years and DJing along side Justin for the last four. Levi is a man of many talents. He films, edits, and is in charge of all web design and development for Sparkx Entertainment. This is more than a job, it’s a passion. A passion that won’t fade.

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